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I'm Lili Byrne.


I am a designer & bioengineer working in proactive healthcare innovation. I specialize in product/UX and visual design.

"Design is where science and art break even"
— Robin Mathew

I love melding seemingly-distant views to solve our most pressing health needs. I am deeply interested in those problems that require innovation in product or experience design.

I am a power yoga instructor and health-and-technology blogger. I run LB | Studio servicing clients as a freelancer visual creative. I create handmade semi-precious jewelry and natural-adventure photography

Seeking to make people healthy with awesome product experiences. 


I currently am neurotechnology company Paradromics' special projects coordinator. Prior, I innovated in healthcare product design across many body systems with Hologic, the Brigham Hospital, and Northeastern University Dept. of Bioengineering.

I weave a strong design sensibility into the engineering of products and experiences, interfaces and identity, and the humanization data and information.




App & Website

Branding & Identity


User & Market Research

Prototyping & Sprint

Usability Testing

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