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Project Name -- CLIMATE WIN

CLIMATE WIN is a targeted visual campaign for a social issue which seeks to change human behavior— from apathy— to action to combat the global climate crisis. The single most important step we can take to prevent the worst impacts of global warming is achieving net 0 carbon emissions.  The campaign is informative in nature, it targets the public as a way to demand action from society and policy makers. This outreach yields an environment that will put pressure on the issue by those not directly involved in the behavior (the worst pollution is done by corporations, not individuals as the narrative has been shaped).

Human psychology says that people are more likely to spurred to environmental action by non-guilt led messaging. That is why the campaign is revolved around celebrating our past climate wins as we take on the challenges of today. Armed with an attitude based on success and optimism, we can take on the work we need to do. The campaign channels that energy and provides actionable steps for people and businesses.


The campaign design book captures the strategy documents as well as the finalized 2D and 3D series.

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